Path of Exile Expansion Review: Ascendancy

As the fourth expansion of the Path of Exile, Ascendancy will never fail you if you are expecting it to be competitive just like the other versions of PoE. It offers a lot of exciting additions that every player would always want to explore, introducing the Trials of Ascendancy, Ascendancy Classes, enchantments, and The Lord’s Labyrinth. These segments were combined with the existing skill gems and unique items that most gamers are already enjoying.


The Lord’s Labyrinth is one of the additions that is truly an attention-seeker. It provides a one-of-a-kind challenge because players will need to start over as soon as they die. So, if you are the type who easily give up, then forget this game! But anyway, we play to get challenged and it will be boring when there’s nothing that can raise our adrenaline, right? So, encourage yourself to take part because in the end when you complete this level, some hefty rewards are waiting for you, making it the most exciting and inspiring spot.


Get access to new gems, enchantments, exotic gems, and of the course, the specialized Ascendancy class which is one of the best parts. Because there is a new labyrinth daily, players will get a chance to discover secrets like they are put into a puzzle. That's a great adventure! Each room has gates, and there are keys to unlock them. You have to make sure that you got the right key to open the magical items hidden in it.


Once you completed the labyrinth challenge, then, you will be able to unlock the Ascendancy class. It will test your mastery in the game so that you won’t only get points, but you can also hone your skills and build effective strategies that you can use on your journey. If you feel impressed with these developments, then, it’s time to get started!

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Path of Exile

It is the ultimate Diablo 2 clone. Essential for those old time Diablo II enthusiasts to try out.

Path of Exile Beta Screenshots

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Gaming Elements

  • Scores of skills and intuitive combat process
  • Levels are randomly generated
  • Distinctive gaming areas and enemies
  • 3 dimensional universe seen through predetermined angle view
  • Totally free to download and play

A new fantasy RPG with dark themes and a significantly high level of action, bloodshed, and violence has just been unveiled! The game is called Path Of Exile, and it is the newest product to be made available from Grinding Gear games (out of New Zealand). It will be absolutely free to play, and will be only available online, at least for the near future. It boasts six classes of character, top of the line graphics and sound effects, and one of the largest skill trees this reviewer has ever observed. It is fair to say that Path Of Exile will appeal to fans of Diablo III and other such high fantasy RPG's.

Although, at the moment, the game only exists in a closed beta version, it is already attracting a significant number of fans and players, and we believe you should be watching the game's official website very closely in order to determine exactly when and where the game will drop. Once it does, we believe membership will climb drastically in a very short period of time, so be sure to sign up as soon as you can, if you want to get in good and early. There are six classes of character, ranging from Duelist, Ranger, and Shadow, to Templar, Marauder, and Witch, and other classes are expected to be announced as membership grows and the structure of the game expands.

While we admit that the currently existing beta version of Path Of Exile is quite closely patterned after the example of Diablo III, we also believe that lovers of that game and others in that style will find plenty to enjoy with this new RPG. We therefore recommend that you check it out for yourself. We believe that Path Of Exile has a very bright future ahead of it.
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